Bone Marrow - Canoe Cut (Beef)

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          • Rich in nutrients such as collagen, protein, and essential fatty acids, bone marrow has a buttery texture and a rich, slightly sweet flavor.
          • Bone marrow can be roasted, scooped out, and used as a spread on toast, or it can be cooked within the bone, such as in stews and broths, where it adds flavor and body. It is also used in making bone broth, a nutritious stock made by simmering bones with vegetables and herbs, which extracts the marrow along with other beneficial nutrients.

          • Beef Bone Marrow comes from 100% grass-finished cattle that graze freely in open pastures at Raised Wild Texas. The cattle are never given hormones, antibiotics, or any artificial enhancers, reflecting our commitment to natural, sustainable ranching practices.

          • Raised Wild Texas at Chambers Creek Ranch offers 100% grass-fed and finished Texas Angus Beef, in a closed herd system.
          • Cattle roam freely across expansive pastures, ensuring a life of quality and care from birth to processing, without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines.
          • Committed to sustainable and regenerative ranching practices, every purchase supports our dedication to stewardship and the legacy of traditional Texas ranching.