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Cream Cheese Spreads

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8 oz.


Ingredients:  Cultured Milk and Cream, Salt, Stabilizers (Xanthan, and/or Carob Bean, and/or Guar Gums),.

Full Quivers Farm is best known for their incredibly creamy, delicious cream cheese spreads.

Crafted with only the highest quality ingredients blending into an irresistible, nutritious snack the entire family will crave.



Our herd is made up of mostly Jerseys with a few Holsteins mixed in.

We use intensive grazing on all pastures on the farm.

Full Quiver is dedicated to sustaining and bettering the land and animals. We use intensive grazing to improve the soil and grass.\




At Full Quiver we care for the land and our livestock naturally, using no growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. This is not a lack of effort, but a careful avoidance of harmful chemicals and interference with nature.

Full Quiver Farms is dedicated to providing exceptionally high quality food to our local community.