Frequently asked questions

We pack each order with a insulation liner and dry ice. 

During the summer months, when we are experiencing 100 degree weather, we use
extra dry ice.

The order is packed assuming any possible delays / unforeseen circumstances and
should be safe for up to 4 days.

Our goal is to get every order to arrive frozen, though because of
unforeseen circumstances we are not able to guarantee delivery will be frozen. 

We can only guarantee the delivery will be cold. 

If a situation occurs where you don't receive you order cold, let us know.

Most orders arrive in 1 to 2 days once shipped.


You can order only the items you would like, whenever you would like!

No surprise boxes on your doorstep.

And you can enjoy FREE shipping on all orders of $194 or more

While our meats are not "certified" organic, we are committed to going above and beyond what is required to be labeled certified organic.

Unknown to most consumers, USDA certified organic standards allow farmers/producers to utilize over 25 different synthetic chemicals applied to the soil in the production of organic foods for human and animal consumption.

At Rehoboth Ranch and Windy Meadows Family Farm, they avoid the use of ANY synthetic chemicals and first prioritize regenerating our soils and growing the most nutrient-dense foods regardless of what other certifications may allow for.

They also go above and beyond "organic" standards by providing our animals with access to pasture space that far exceeds the square footage requirements of organic standards.

As with all the beef we offer from Rehoboth Ranch, all cattle are 100% grass-fed, grass-finished and pasture-raised.

Never use hormones, steroids,GMOs or antibiotics.

All cattle are treated ethically.

When you purchase from ROCK Farmhouse, you know you are getting high quality products at an affordable price, so you can buy with confidence.

Our beef is 100% grass-fed AND grass-finished.

That means our cattle are NEVER FED GRAINS as they enjoy their entire life on pasture!

We never use hormones, steroids, GMOs or antibiotics.

All cattle are treated ethically.

Additionally, we are looking for visual signs of a good fat profile as part of the finishing process which takes time and good nutrition

Windy Meadows Family Farm embody everything that is authentic about farm to table eating.

All chickens are pastured raised, soy free, and raised organically and ethically using sustainable agriculture principals.

The pasture raised chickens live the majority of their lives on fresh pasture, eating bugs, grains, grass and legumes.

They are moved daily to increase the amount of green forage and proteins the birds consume.

Daily movement improves the health of the soil and the Manure enriches the soil and prevents diseased pastures.

The pasture raised chickens help to regenerate the pasture, builds soil and gives back to the land.

A varied diet of bugs, grass, legumes, and grains contributes to the health, taste, and nutrition of the final product.

Pasture raised chicken has higher vitamin, mineral and fatty acid content than traditional chicken, and is always non-GMO and antibiotic-free.

At night, the chickens are moved into coops for shelter from predators.

Rehoboth Ranch pigs are all pasture raised in the outdoors with fresh air and are routinely rotated to open green pastures, consuming many nutrient forages.

Pigs are not ruminant animals, Rehoboth Ranch provides them with access to non-GMO grain rations that is Soy Free.

No antibiotics or growth hormones are ever used and are raised in a natural healthy environment.

No MSGs or Nitrates are given to the pigs and are free from these harmful preservatives.

Rehoboth Ranch is unable to get the fat percentages unless every individual cow is tested. 

This is due to the fact that each cow will be slightly different.  

Because Rehoboth Ranch is a small family owner operation, this task would be difficult to accomplish.

With that being said, 100% grass fed and grass finished cows tend to produce a leaner beef than grain-fed cows.