Raw Dog Food - Predator Blend

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    Give your furry friend the ultimate natural diet with our Predator Blend Raw Dog Food.

    • Crafted in partnership with Raised Wild Texas, this blend uses ground beef from our premium Grass-Finished Beef.
    • It includes liver, heart, muscle, sinew, and cartilage, providing a nutrient-rich meal that mimics what predators consume in the wild.
    • In nature, a coyote consumes the entire animal, skin and hair included. While we've left out the skin and hair, we ensure your dog gets the most wholesome, raw nutrition.
    • Perfect for dogs of all sizes, Predator Blend supports a healthy, balanced diet.


    Why Choose Predator Blend?

    • 100% Grass-Finished Beef: Sourced from Raised Wild Texas at Chambers Creek Ranch.
    • Sustainable Practices: Raised Wild Texas commits to regenerative ranching, ensuring quality care for cattle without hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines.
    • Feed your dog the way nature intended with Predator Blend Raw Dog Food – because your pet deserves the best.