Local Raw Honey - Texas

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 24 oz.

Produced by Andy Peters and his family from Shady Oaks Honey Farm in Detroit, TX,

  • This wildflower honey, lightly strained to remove wax chunks and retain its natural goodness.
  • Embodies the diverse Texan flora, offering a balanced and delightful flavor.
  • Andy turned a beekeeping course in 2015 into a thriving pursuit of producing raw, unrefined honey. By 2019, with 40 hives from almond pollination, Shady Oaks began sharing their golden harvest on a larger scale.

Shady Oaks Honey Farm is more than just a honey producer; it's a story of love, family, and the beauty of nature.

Enjoy the pure, healthful essence of Texas in every bottle of Shady Oaks Honey.