Ancestral Blend Ground Beef - (Raised Wild Texas)

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  • This unique blend combines high-quality ground beef with nutrient-rich beef heart and liver, creating a powerful mix.
  • Perfect for those on a primal or keto journey looking for natural, profound nutrition.
  • Raised Wild Texas primal blend ground beef stands apart due to its dry aging process — a rare practice that ensures each bite is soft and tender.
  • Raised Wild Texas at Chambers Creek Ranch offers 100% grass-fed and finished Texas Angus Beef, in a closed herd system.
  • Cattle roam freely across expansive pastures, ensuring a life of quality and care from birth to processing, without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines.
  • Committed to sustainable and regenerative ranching practices, every purchase supports our dedication to stewardship and the legacy of traditional Texas ranching.