Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon - Portion Sizes

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Our Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon is sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Why Choose Smart Source Seafood Salmon?

  • Sustainable Harvesting: Sourced responsibly from the pure waters of Alaska.
  • Quality: Free from pesticides, antibiotics, PCBs, growth hormones, dyes, and bacteria.
  • Superior Handling: Handpicked from the net, cooled immediately, processed, filleted, vacuum-packed, and flash frozen at -30 degrees to lock in the fresh taste just hours after being caught.
  • "Flash Frozen": Our unique process ensures you can enjoy the "just caught" taste year-round.

Benefits of Our Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon:

  • Exceptional Taste and Texture: Our customers consistently say there's no comparison between our salmon and supermarket options.
  • Trusted Source: Ensure you're getting the best wild Alaskan salmon available.

If you love high-quality, wild seafood, choose Smart Source Seafood for the finest fish on the planet. Enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of having top-tier, wholesome salmon delivered directly to your home.