Ground Beef (Full Quiver Farms)

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  • Angus-Wagyu Cross: Full Quiver Farms crosses Angus cattle with a Wagyu bull, achieving a superior blend that combines the robustness of Angus with the exquisite marbling and tenderness of Wagyu.
  • Marbling: This special crossbreeding results in extra marbling, ensuring each bite of our ground beef is juicy, flavorful, and melts in your mouth.
  • Enhanced Tenderness: Our ground beef is known for its exceptional tenderness, making it perfect for a wide range of dishes, from classic burgers to gourmet meatballs.
  • Pasture-Raised: Our cattle graze on lush pastures, enjoying a natural diet of grass that gives our beef its exceptional flavor and tenderness.
  • No Vaccines or mRNA Vaccines: We are committed to providing you with meat that is free from any vaccines or mRNA vaccines. We prioritize the natural resilience and immune systems of our animals.
  • Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished: Our cattle are exclusively fed a diet of nutrient-rich grass throughout their lives. This results in meat that is higher in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and lower in unhealthy fats.