Propolis Throat Spray - Kids

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Crafted with the purity of nature and the intelligence of bees, this spray offers BIG SUPPORT FOR LITTLE ONES.

Immunity Powerhouse

  • Fortify their defenses with a symphony of nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, iron, and B vitamins. With over 300 beneficial compounds, this spray is a one-stop-shop for daily immune support. No need for gummy vitamins, our spray offers a Delicious, Sugar-Free Immune Support that your kids will love.

 Antioxidant-Rich Wellness

  • Our propolis spray contains powerful flavonoids and polyphenols that actively fight against free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and keeping little cells healthy.

 Soothe & Comfort

  • Gone are the days of scratchy, irritated throats. The natural magic of buckwheat honey envelops your child's throat, offering a Soothing and Comforting experience.

 Versatile and Convenient

  • A spritz a day keeps the sniffles at bay! Use it as a Daily Dose of Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals, or to soothe a scratchy throat. Build a Routine: Pair it with our Kid’s Propolis Cough Syrup for comprehensive wellness support that helps them bounce back to their playful selves.

 What is Propolis?

  • Known as the defender of the hive, propolis is nature's protective resin. Just as bees use it to safeguard their home, your family can use it to bolster the immune system and ward off germs.

 Trusted Quality

  • Our high-grade bee propolis extract is combined with buckwheat honey and vegetable glycerin. Absolutely no artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, alcohol, GMOs, or refined sugars. Certified keto and paleo. Gluten-free and soy-free.


Caution: Suitable for everyone but those allergic to bees, bee products, poplar tree products, or balsam of Peru. Consult your healthcare professional before use, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding.