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  • Non-GMO: We're proud to feed our pigs a wholesome, Non-GMO diet. This not only supports their overall health but also enhances the natural, robust flavors of our chorizo.
  • Pasture Raised: Our pigs roam freely on lush pastures, living life as nature intended. This results in a higher-quality, flavorful chorizo that is packed with essential nutrients.
  • Heritage Breed Pigs: Our chorizo comes from heritage breed pigs, known for their superior taste and texture. This is chorizo the way it's meant to be - rich, bold, and incredibly satisfying.
  • No Artificial Hormones: We believe in the natural growth of our pigs, so we never use artificial hormones. It's all about keeping it natural and authentic.
  • No Vaccines: Our pigs are robust and resilient, thanks to their free-range lifestyle and nutritious diet. We steer clear of vaccines, keeping our farming practices as clean as possible.