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Before muscle meats gained popularity for their flavor, hunters and gatherers worldwide favored organ meat and especially the liver.

Known for its positive effects on the body, in some cultures liver is / was reserved only for those who needed nutrients the most, such as pregnant women and children.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine liver is still highly revered for its high nutritional content and used to supplement and support blood deficiencies resulting from any number of causes ranging from menstruation to surgery.

It is no exaggeration to call beef liver a superfood given its vitamin, mineral, protein, and overall nutrient content.

Here's a spotlight on just a few of the key nutrients found in this "nature's multivitamin":

--> Vitamin A: important in vision, immune function, liver and thyroid health, and reproduction

--> B vitamins: aid in energy production, DNA and red blood cell formation, and healthy brain function

--> Copper: helps regulate energy production, iron metabolism, and brain function

--> Choline: important for brain development and
liver function. This is a super critical nutrient for pregnant and lactating women!

Make sure you're getting liver from a trusted source. You only want to consume organ meats from animals that have been raised on pasture and fed their natural diet.

I personally like to hide beef liver in ground beef.

You can use a 1:4 ratio to mask the flavor and your family won't even know. 🤫

For convenience, I use the Ancestral Blend ground beef from ROCK Farmhouse, which is pre-mixed with beef liver and heart.

If despite your best efforts eating direct beef liver just isn’t your thing, Perfect Supplements is my go-to supplement option.

What's your favorite way to eat beef liver?

Contributor: Amy Gonzalez, RD, NTP

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