Porterhouse Steak

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Texas Longhorn
The Original Texas Beef

  • This steak combines the tenderness of the filet mignon with the beefy flavor of the strip steak, separated by a characteristic "T" bone.
  • Taken from the larger end of the short loin, the Porterhouse offers a more generous portion of the tenderloin compared to its cousin, the T-bone steak.
  • Free from hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and synthetic additives
  • 100% Grass Finished, Longhorn Cattle graze on nutrient-rich grasses their entire lives, roaming freely in open pastures.

NOTE:  Texas Longhorn beef has less fat compared to other breeds. When cooking, it's preferable to use a low temperature and proceed slowly, to prevent drying. Given its leaner composition, it tends to cook quicker than fattier counterparts.