Beef Bacon - Uncured and Smoked

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Beef Bacon is made from the belly or navel of beef cattle. Unlike pork bacon, it has a heartier, beefier flavor and a slightly different texture, making it a unique addition to various dishes.

  • Crafted from pasture-raised, grass-finished cattle at Rehoboth Ranch. The cattle graze freely on nutrient-rich pastures, ensuring the meat is high in quality and nutrition. The beef is then cured and smoked, similar to traditional bacon, to enhance its flavor.

  • Beef Bacon can be used in many ways. Cook it as you would traditional bacon, and use it in breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, and more.

  • Pasture-Raised: The cattle are raised on open pastures, promoting natural behaviors and a healthy diet.

  • Grass-Finished: The beef is finished on a grass diet, ensuring a rich, natural flavor and superior nutritional profile.

  • Regeneratively Raised: Our farming practices focus on soil health and ecosystem sustainability, contributing to a healthier planet.

  • Non-GMO, No Hormones, No Vaccines: We prioritize clean, natural farming, avoiding GMOs, hormones, and unnecessary vaccines.