Eggs - Pasture Raised (No Seed Oils / Low PUFA / Soy Free / Corn Free)

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  • Organic, Non-GMO, No Soy, No Corn, No Seed Oils, Glyphosate free: We commit to feeds free from soy and corn, enhancing the natural quality of our eggs and ensuring they are free from common allergens and GMOs.

  • Low PUFA Content: The use of olive oil in our feed ensures that each egg has a lower PUFA level, promoting better health benefits compared to regular eggs.

  • Mobile Coop Raising Method: Our mobile coops are moved frequently to fresh pasture, which keeps our hens happy and healthy while naturally fertilizing the land without the use of chemicals.

  • Battle Farm, is 80-acres of regenerative agriculture in Paris, TX, born from the collaborative vision of ten families.  

  • The 550+ hens enjoy a natural diet from our lush pastures, which are rich in native vegetation. 

  • This careful attention to diet ensures our eggs are not only a cornerstone of healthy eating but also a testament to our dedication to sustainable farming practices that nurture the land and offer a blueprint for future generations.