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Maiz Totopos

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Maiz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips

We believe in savoring life's simplest yet most cherished moments, and what could be more delightful than sharing laughter and stories over a bowl of warm, crisp tortilla chips?

We're thrilled to introduce you to a chip that rekindles those heartwarming memories – the Maiz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips by Siete Family Foods.


Here's why these chips are set to steal the spotlight at your table:


  • Organically Yours: Thoughtfully sourced from organic corn, these chips echo our commitment to pure, wholesome goodness.

    • Nutritious and Delicious: Fried to perfection in nutrient-rich avocado oil, their lightness and flavor profile are nothing short of a-maiz-ing.

      • Perfect for Sharing: Although we can't guarantee how long they'll last with that scrumptious salsa or guacamole, we've made sure refilling the bowl is a breeze.


      It might sound corny, but we believe that the best foods are those that bring people together. With the Maiz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips, every bite is a tribute to age-old traditions, family gatherings, and the spirit of togetherness.