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Puff Snack

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Siete Family Foods Grain Free Puff Snacks

Indulge in a timeless snack with a twist that's bound to become your new pantry favorite. At ROCK Farmhouse, we've always believed in providing wholesome choices that align perfectly with your conscious lifestyle.


Why you'll love them:

  • Nostalgic Yet New: Evoking memories of familiar flavors, these puffs have been reimagined grain-free to suit modern dietary needs.
    • A Crunchy Delight: Each bite offers a satisfying crunch, perfect on its own or paired with your cherished toppings like hot sauce, lime, or chile seasoning.
      • Wholesome Ingredients: Crafted with nutritious lentils and heart-healthy avocado oil, they're not just good, they're good for you.
        • Allergen-Friendly: Keeping everyone in mind, these snacks are gluten-free, dairy-free, and entirely vegan.
          • Heritage-Inspired Flavors: Choose from three tantalizing flavors, reminiscent of age-old favorites – Queso, Fuego, and Chile Lime.


          Whether you're on a journey to better health, a lover of good food, or somewhere in between, these Grain Free Puff Snacks cater to all.