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Churro Strips

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Churro Strips by Siete Family Foods


Ah, the aromatic allure of churros!

Let each strip transport you to those bustling Mercados in Mexico, where the air resonates with cheerful banter and the scent of freshly made churros.

Crafted with the utmost affection, these strips blend the wholesome goodness of cassava flour, the sweetness of coconut sugar, and the heartwarming notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Each ingredient, chosen with care and mindfulness, reflects the spirit of ROCK Farmhouse—a union of tradition and health.

Dive in! Pair them with cajeta, immerse them in rich hot chocolate, or simply indulge straight from the bag.

Each strip is an ode to tradition, a snippet of the ROCK Farmhouse ethos, and a dedication to the timeless tastes we hold dear.



  • Cassava Blend: A harmonious mix of Cassava Flour and Cassava Starch to offer that authentic churro texture.
  • Avocado Oil: A subtle touch to give it that smooth, rich finish.
  • Coconut Sugar & Agave Syrup: Bringing you the sweetness reminiscent of those Mercado churros.
  • Pumpkin Powder: A delightful twist to the traditional flavor profile.
  • Cinnamon & Vanilla Powder: To rekindle the nostalgia with every bite.
  • Psyllium Husk Powder & Sea Salt: For balance and a gentle kick to the senses.