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Kefir (1 Pint)

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Kefir milk.

Kefir grains grown and cultured from Sandy Creek Brown Swiss Milk.

Full of probiotics to aide digestion health.




We are proud to work with Sandy Creek Farm!

Sandy Creek uses all Brown Swiss cows with the A2 protein to yield the most nutrient rich milk you'll find.

Mike Moyer has been providing raw milk to our local community for about 15 years now, but the farm has been in the family since 1913!

You can be assured of the purity and premium quality of our milk.

Cattle are pasture fed year round. No Drugs, steroids or hormones.

Our family trusts in our milk and you will also.

Mike cares more about the cow's overall health than how much milk they can produce in a day. When the cow feels at rest and taken care of, the proof is in the milk.

Customers are always welcome to visit the farm to watch the process and ask any questions.

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