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Chicken Farmhouse Box

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Minimum 20 lbs. of Pasture Raised Chicken


5.0 lbs. - Boneless Chicken Breast

5.0 lbs. - Whole Chicken Thighs

2.5 lbs. - Chicken Wings

2.0 lbs. - Country Chicken Sausage

2.0 lbs. - Ground Chicken

4.0 lbs. - Whole chicken


Windy Meadows Family Farm brings you the highest quality pastured chicken available. They do not use antibiotics, hunger stimulants, or growth hormones. Chickens are raised in the environment that God intended. Grass, bugs and sunshine are an important part of any chickens life. We also feed an all Natural, Non-GMO, Soy and Corn Free feed.

When you purchase from ROCK Farmhouse, you know you are getting high quality products at an affordable price, so you can buy with confidence.


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